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Here are the dates for Board meetings this year:

Dates: March 7, 2016 Mon. Room: Fishers East Library - F178
May 2, 2016 Mon. Room: Fishers East Library - F178
July 18, 2016 Mon. Room: Fishers East Library - F180
September 6, 2016 Mon. Room: Fishers East Library - F178
November 14, 2016 Mon. Room: Fishers East Library - F178
ANNUAL MEETING September 14, 2016 Mon. Room: Fishers East Library - F179
The room location is subject to change.
Your Community Newsletter
----------- CRIME STATS --------------

Neighbors can see the report from the Fishers Police Department for December 2015 by clicking on the "Information" menu, then selecting "Documents" and then "Crime Watch"

There are two incidents listed for our area, both in River Ridge.

And here is good information shared by Officer Dave Dunbar of FPD: Again, please pass on to everyone if you “See something, Say something”. We’d much rather check out something and find it checks ok as opposed to taking a report later that we could’ve prevented.

We have had calls this month alone that have assisted us in developing suspects involved with thefts. These calls are greatly appreciated. Find time to meet a new neighbor this month, have fun and be safe

----------- WINTER IS HERE!! --------------

A few timely tips:

Steep driveways can ice up quickly, so be careful.

Keep your sidewalk clear of snow (if we ever get any). It's safer for pedestrians and dog-walkers to be on the sidewalk than the street.

Check on your elderly neighbors and make sure they are doing OK. Shovel their driveway and sidewalk, too!

Don't leave your vehicle running on the driveway while you wait inside. Thieves can smash a window and take off in the vehicle really quickly.

Have a great winter!

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